Learn about the Crypto Cannabis Tokens currently available for use or being developed for the Cannabis Industry, this includes payment and utility Tokens specific for the cannabis industry.

 420 Grams – http://420grams.com/

420 Grams are a new form of crypto currency that is dedicated to the cannabis industry. 



Pot Coin – https://www.potcoin.com/

Ultra-secure digital cryptocurrency, network and banking solution for the legal marijuana industry.


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Tokes – http://tokesplatform.org/cannarev/

The token can be utilized by customers to facilitate in-dispensary purchases, and in a business-to-business capacity across industry participants.


Growers International – https://grwi.io/

Growers International is designed to benefit legal cultivators and merchants around the world.


 Cannabis Coin – http://cannabiscoin.net/

The CannabisCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency for the Cannabis Community.


Budd Token – http://buddtoken.com/

Blockchain Banking Solution for Cannabis Businesses. 


Dope Coin – https://dopecoin.com/

DopeCoin provides a billion dollar marketplace with additional layers of protection.


CannaCoin – http://www.cannacoin.tech/

CannaCoin uses peer-to-peer technology and runs on a de-centralized bloackchain platform.



Green Med – https://www.greenmed.io/

Pay for cannabis the easy way using the Green Med App.



Ganja Tokens – https://ganja.com/ 

Cannabis utility tokens for procurement and loyalty programs in the cannabis industry.


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Nezly – https://nezly.com/

Cannabis ecosystem built on block chain, help farmers develop maximum yields, land acquisition, seed acquisition and equipment.



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Sativa Coin – https://www.sativacoin.io/

Sativa Coin is a digital currency, like Bitcoin, tailored for the hemp and cannabis industries.




Düber – https://dubercoin.com/

The Düber token will incentivize and improve information exchange in the cannabis community including consumers, retailers, labs, processors and growers.



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Hemp Coin – http://hempcoin.org/

HempCoin is a highly focused digital currency for the Agriculture/Farming Industry and Marijuana/Hemp Industry, built on the source of Bitcoin.



Canna SOS – https://cannasos.com/

The PerksCoin token, PCT in short, is a utility token available for use within the multi-level transaction platform developed by CannaSOS. 




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